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Triple Whammy! Great money...better coverage!

We have been insured for our auto, home, and umbrella insurance by Orlando and his outstanding staff for several years and have always been more than pleased with their responsive service. When they went independent they were able to save us money and give us much better coverage than we had before. I routinely recommend them to my friends and clients because I know they'll do a good job."

Larry Bink, Pleasanton

How good? "Awesome" good!

"Jenci is always great with us, that is very important to us. She always provides awesome customer service!"

Steve Legras, Sacramento

They did what other agents couldn't do!

"Orlando and his staff have done an excellent job with our insurance program. They are always looking out for our best interests. For example, because of some health conditions, getting more life insurance was a problem for me, and Orlando made a suggestion that allowed me to secure permanent life insurance. I would recommend them highly!"

Jim Reese, San Diego

Saved OVER $900!

"Rogers Insurance saved me over $900 a year on my car and home insurance. More importantly, I know I can count on them when I need help."

Sam Modesitt, Lake Tahoe

Money... service... protection...this Newport Beach Woman says Rogers has it all!

"I have always appreciated the timely service we get from jenci and all the staff at Rogers Insurance. And the fact we're able to save money and get better protection is the icing on the cake!"

Patty Carter, Newport Beach

Recommends Rogers to's why!

"We decided to make changes in our insurance. With the assistance of Orlando and Jacque at Rogers Insurance we were able to receive broader coverage at a lower cost, saving us 15% per year. Orlando and his staff handled the transition efficiently and thoroughly. We would not hesitate recommending Rogers Insurance to our friends."

Patty Kephart, Malibu

It's great to be taken care of!

"Veronica Henry was wonderful!! I would recommend her to everyone. She took wonderful care of us."

David Sadler, San Francisco

Don't you deserve the best, too?!

"It has been a pleasure working with Rich Dean for all my insurance needs. It is so nice of her to always leave messages on my telephone to keep me up to regarding my policy. This has been the first time I have ever had such a personal relationship with an insurance company. Lori is the best!"

Irene Bargovan, Castro Valley

More great service!

"Orlando is and always will be the reason I stay with Rogers Insurance for all my insurance needs."

Todd Kasulka, Oceanside

Auto, home, life...Visalia man recommends get it all here!

"Bob Simmons is a miracle worker! Even though I have a less than perfect driving record and drive more than 20,000 miles per year, Bob was able to find a top-rated company to insure me - and it fit my budget! Thanks Bob - I will highly recommend you and the rest of the Rogers Insurance staff for all auto, home and life insurance needs!"Mat Joslin, Walnut Creek

One word describes it: "amazing!"

"Our family has been given excellent service by Rogers Insurance. Through Orlando of Rogers Insurance's office, we were able to obtain the coverage we needed at reasonable rates with professional, organized and prompt service. When we had a claim, Lori was available when we needed her and our claim was resolved amazingly easily. We highly recommend Rogers Insurance."

Thomas and Ann Broderson, El Cerrito

You were worth changing for!

"I decided to make a change in my insurance. A friend gave me your name. I called Gary. He was great. I insured my car and home. I have been well pleased."

Mary Lee Mitchell, Beverly Hills

Loyal for years! Recommends to "everyone!"

"We have done business with Rogers Insurance for many years and have always been more than happy with the way we're treated by all of their people. Veronica is great to work with and I recommend them to everyone."

Gary and Linda Owens, Hillsborough

14 years and lovin' it!

"Thanks for the opportunity to say how much I appreciate the good service I receive from Orlando’s staff. I've had my auto and homeowners insurance with your firm since I moved here from New York, 14 years ago, and am happy that I found you. I'm also happy I made the change from State Farm to Rogers Insurance. Saved money and have better coverage. Keep up the excellent work. I know you're looking out for me!"

Janet Allen, Santa Rosa

We love to see our clients THIS happy!

"We are so happy with the service provided by Rogers Insurance. We have ALWAYS received prompt and courteous service from the entire staff. They have been dedicated to finding the lowest cost insurance for us AND ensuring we continue to hold the most suitable coverages for our protection. Veronica has been a wonderful person to work with and, best of all, she has made us feel comfortable knowing we are in good hands. Veronica has been wonderful to us in taking the time to deal with our concerns and questions. We truly feel as if she understands our needs and she has taken the time needed to help us understand what is best for us. Thank you to Veronica and to Rogers Insurance!"

Brian and Jody Adney, Half Moon Bay

We are happy with you; you have been great for us in the handling of our personal and business insurance.
- Bob and Delia Howard, Oakland


  RIS saved us $1502 on my liability renewal and 31% on our worker's comp. The service is super!
- Mark and Kristi Spacato, Oceanside


  RIS handles all of our insurance needs, personal and business. They have many different companies for us to choose from, we are very satisfied.
-Sam and Wendy McClendon, Beverly Hills


  Your service is the best all the way around, from your polite and helpful staff to your prompt and professional service. Thank you!
-Chris and Julie Simmond, Santa Barbara


  I've been dealing with Orlando since 1991. I refer all of my business & personal associates to Rogers Insurance. Their staff is the best in the valley.
- Terry and Judy Strom, Dublin


  Rogers Insurance Services saved me $1866 on my company insurance needs. They are always striving to be the best in giving service.
-James and Gayle Rochter, Sacramento


  The staff at Rogers Insurance is the only insurance company I feel comfortable with. They give great services and great insurance pricing.
- Ralph and Susan Hernandez, Riverside


  I know I can count on the RIS team to always keep our insurance needs first. That's why I always send my friends and family to them.
- Peter and Gayle Stropey, Newport Beach


  I just love getting the free reports from your website ( They are so incredibly informative and they saved me money too!
- Anthony and Teresa Spica, Danville


  Thanks for everything, you were incredibly helpful.
- Scott Dreisbach, former Oakland RAIDER QB


  I have been offered insurance by two different competitors, but have elected to remain with Rogers Insurance because my relationship with them has ALWAYS been wonderful. I believe that staying with what is tried and true is worth more to me than going with a company who claims they're better.
- John McDaniel, Castro Valley


  You have helped me protect my family and my possessions. THANK YOU!
- Joseph Granada, Castro Valley


  You helped me get better coverage with a better insurance carrier!
- Ramona Vital, San Leandro


  Your staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful - basically they are EXCEPTIONAL.
- Brian Hawrylak, Pleasanton


  Rogers has exceptional customer service and can help with anything!
- Kenneth Cross, Hayward


  Thank goodness for Rogers Insurance, I don't know where I'd be without them.
- Gil and Dana Zapanta, Rohnert Park


  Very knowledgeable, very easy, very solution-oriented.
-Dani Tucker, Oakland

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bar insurance
Bar and Nightclub Insurance Coverage

Business insurance for a bar, tavern, night club, or liquor establishment requires planning. Any business that sells alcohol to the public, whether it is a bar, tavern, or night club, needs detailed risk management planning.
Risk management planning for a bar starts with answering the following questions:

Cheap Bar/Nightclub Insurance?
  • What is the value of the property, fixtures and contents of the bar?
    Consider what it would cost to replace the building, fixtures, coolers, stock, decor, and operations equipment tomorrow.
  • What percentage of the bar's sales will be alcohol?
    Insurers will require evidence of your sales. Generally, if alcohol accounts for 50% or more of your total sales, your risk (and your premiums) will be higher. You must keep track of this percentage.
  • Will you have recreational games or diversions at the bar?
    Your premiums will be much higher and you may be excluded from coverage from some insurers. For example, United States Liability Company does not allow "pyrotechnic displays, moon bounces, trampolines, rock walls, swimming pools, foam machines."
  • Will you have employees?
    If employees will work at the business, then you will need workers' compensation insurance and may consider health insurance benefits.
  • What are the dram shop liability laws in your state?
    State laws differ as to the liability of the bar owner for injury to a third-party caused by an intoxicated patron. You should discuss this potential liability with knowledgeable restaurant and bar counsel in your area.
  • Will a vehicle be used in the business?
    Vehicles used for commercial purposes are not covered by personal auto policies.
  • Is the business in an area prone to natural disasters?
    The beach may be a nice place to visit, but hurricanes can wipe out beach front patios and bars. Consider if your bar is subject to natural disasters such as flooding or storms.
  • Will the business serve food?
    Consider if your bar will prepare and serve food.

The size of bar, gross receipts, and percentage of gross receipts attributed to alcohol sales will dictate the types of insurance necessary for the bar and the amount of premium required to maintain coverage.

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Bar/Nightclub Insurance Basics
Property Insurance

The business will need property insurance to protect the building and contents. Often the most affordable way for a bar owner to secure this insurance is as a part of a business owner's policy. There are also insurers who offer specialized products that are similar to the business owner policy, but are specially tailored to bar owners. These policies will have state specific features, but are generally similar to a standard business owner's policy. Because bars often have a large amount of glass, make sure the policy covers glass breakage.
The primary consideration will be whether to obtain replacement cost or actual cash valueproperty insurance. Actual cash value coverage deducts depreciation from any claim. While replacement cost insurance provides the current value of the replacement of damaged property. Replacement cost coverage is more expensive. In reality, most bars cannot return to operation if they do not have replacement cost coverage. Opt for replacement cost coverage. Further, make sure your policy will pay for necessary upgrades caused by new building code compliance.

Consider having unique bar décor (the moose head, license plate collection, etcetera) evaluated and separately scheduled to avoid disputes over the cost of replacement. Do not assume your standard property policy will cover such items. Most property policies exclude glass breakage, signage, and landscaping. You will need separate coverage for these items if they are necessary or you will need to look into bar owners' policies that include such coverage. Finally, if your business is in an area subject to natural disasters, remember that flooding, some wind, earthquakes, wild fires, and some other risks may need a separate endorsement to be covered and the premiums will be much higher.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for the bar is the most expensive part of the risk management program. A bar cannot have "too much" liability insurance. Patron injuries, injuries to third-parties by patrons or employees, and employee theft are just some of the risks that bar owners face. Liability insurance will provide the owner a lawyer and pay for the judgment if covered under the policy. Good insurers also have substantial resources for the bar owner to learn how to conduct a safe operation, such as "safe server" programs that can reduce premiums. Consider umbrella coverage on top of the liability policy.

Product Liability and Liquor Liability Insurance

If your bar sells products or food to its guests, consider product liability insurance. This insurance protects you from liability caused by injury to guests from products your business sold or supplied. It goes without saying that a bar owner must carry liquor liability insurance in proper amounts based upon sales and patronage. In fact, some jurisdictions mandate such insurance before it will issue a liquor license.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

You must check with your applicable state department of insurance to determine if your business will need workers' compensation coverage. Do not automatically assume you do not because the business is family owned, or has few employees. Your state law will dictate the coverage necessary and required if you have employees.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If the bar will use a vehicle, then that vehicle must be covered by commercial auto insurance. Personal auto policies generally do not cover losses caused when a passenger vehicle is used for commercial purposes. This will be necessary insurance if vehicles are used in the business.

Other Insurance

Bars are only profitable while open and filled with drinking patrons. If there is a substantial disruption of your business, such as a fire, remember property insurance will only replace the property--not the lost income. The bar owner should consider business interruption insurance. Bars are increasingly computer dependent and rely on point of service computer networks; consider specific network risk coverage.
Finally, it cannot be stressed enough that certain natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes require separate endorsements or separate policies and are not covered by most property policies.

  • For Restaurants, Bars, Taverns, Adult Clubs, Nightclubs and More!
  • Commercial Package, Property, General and Liquor Liability are Available.
  • Accounts Under $15,000 in Premium are Non-auditable.
  • New Ventures, Dance Floors and Entertainment are All Eligible.
  • Assault and Battery Coverage Can Be Included.
  • Optional Coverages Include: Umbrella, Spoilage, Equipment Breakdown, Money & Securities and Property of Others.
  • $5,000 Minimum Premium.

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